Dead Simple Set Up

Simply drop a component into your WPF or Windows Forms application to get started.

Powerful QA Tools

TurboQA offers a suite of tools to capture important QA information. You can take screen shots, create GIF's, and add highlights and comments, all from the application you're testing.

Azure DevOps Integration

Comes with built-in Azure DevOps integration to help you save even more QA time. Configure TurboQA to create Work Items, add comments to Pull Requests, or change Work Item states.

How It Works

Add the Component

Drop the TurboQA component into your Windows forms or WPF application. The collapsible toolbar will run directly from your application so that your TurboQA configuration can be source controlled and easily integrated with your DevOps process.

Start Testing

After adding your toolbar, you can now begin your testing! Take screenshots or GIF's, make pinned comments, draw figures on the application, and more. Any QA tool you would need, right at your fingertips. 

Integrate with Azure DevOps

TurboQA ships with built-in Azure DevOps integration allowing you to trigger various actions when your testing is done. Want to add the screenshot and GIF of a bug you found to the PR? How about creating a bug card if the feature you're testing doesn't work as documented? All of this automation and much more is what TurboQA brings you.

Move Fast without Breaking Things

TurboQA allows you to ship features faster by automating the frustrating and manual QA process. Don't sacrifice quality by cutting your QA, maintain your edge by streamlining it with TurboQA.

Meet the Founder


After years of working in the .NET desktop world as a developer and a manager, I know the frustration (and time-sink) of manual testing. My hope is that Turbo QA will be able to streamline your test processes and help your team deliver value faster.  

Colin Monroe

Founder at TurboQA

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